Who is against Great Bulgaria, he is against the Slavs-Krste Misirkov. Bulgaria gives Cyrillic alphabet, Christianity-weapons against assimilation, tyranny.

Krste Petkov Misirkov documents from a great Bulgarian Patriot


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National Identity of the Macedonians. 1924 г.

"We are Bulgarian more than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria. The population of Skopje is pure Bulgarian. The Serbian not only want to colonize Macedonia with Serbs from other part of Yugoslavia, but they wish to kill our Bulgarian consciousness. They took our right to call ourselves Bulgarians, even Macedonians, they intrude their schools and education, so much false and Jesuit, so much as the study of St. Sava and finally they come to the idea for the special Macedonian nationality, which they discover in South Macedonia." - Krste Misirkov

We call ourselves Bulgarians or Macedonians and we are very different from the Serbs we are with Bulgarian national consciousness.

Krste Misirkov in "On Macedonian Matters" expressing Novakovich Makedonism, which he reject categorically with the explanation: I wrote it as a politician.

Till the end of his life Krste Misirkov in all his articles defend uncompromising the Bulgarian character of the population of Macedonia as a true Bulgarian patriot.

Krste Misirkov wrote:
1. We speak Bulgarian language and we believed with Bulgarians is our strong power.

2. The Bulgarians in Macedonia.

The future of Macedonia is spiritual union of the Bulgarians in Macedonia.

3. The Macedonian Slavs are called Bulgarians.

4.  The biggest part of the population are called Bulgarians.

5. All spoke that Macedonians are Bulgarians.

Until 1978 all including Russian Government spoke the Macedonians are Bulgarians. But after the Berlin Congress the Serbs came with pretension to have Macedonia. They try to change the European opinion that in Macedonia there are Serbian too.

6. If Ilinden uprising win we will be thankful to Bulgarians, but Serbians try to compete with Bulgarians and spend a lot of money and propaganda. If Macedonia is autonomic there will be no space for propaganda and the Serbs have to leave Bulgarian in peace. 

7. The Ilinden Uprising Committee is Bulgarian. 

8. Bulgarian Language and Bulgarian name. The Committee is ready to give guarantee to Europe that Macedonia will not unify with Bulgaria, but they can't take the Bulgarian name and language from Macedonia!  

9. Unification between Turks and Bulgarians in Macedonia.

Serbia and Greece do not want to give us autonomous and independent Macedonia, because they see this as a fist step to unification. In Macedonia have only pure Bulgarian population, which can't be unified with the Turks.

10. Serbia is against autonomous Macedonia. 

Serbia is afraid because Macedonia with the Bulgarian population will have tendency to united with Bulgaria and for this reason Serbia will not allow this.

11. They divided us and now they do not allow us to unify.

We are living now 25 years divided from Bulgaria and they do not allow us to unify?

We call ourselves Bulgarians or Macedonians and see us as separate and radically different from the Serbs with Bulgarian national consciousness.

12. Our Grandfathers call themselves Bulgarians.

They never thing that we will be having such a problem to call ourselves so.  

13. Bulgarian Literally Language

We the Macedonians voluntarily choose one and the same language with Bulgarians long before the liberation of Bulgaria from Turkey. The prohibition from the Serbs to use our  literally language, which is the only one connection between us and Bulgarians is significant violation of our human rights. .. and further..  when they forbid us to call ourselves Bulgarians, to learn Bulgarian history and to be ashamed from everything which connect us with Bulgarians. It is enough to learn our Macedonian culture and history to understand that we are very different from Serbian nationality. 

14. There no difference between Bulgarian and Macedonian Slav.

The Greeks in 1804 long before Bulgarian exarchate do not make ant difference between Bulgarian and West Macedonian dialect.  

15. Bulgarian national name of Macedonians.

In the IX century in the first Bulgarian kingdom we do not have anything against this Bulgarian national name for us and for the rest of Bulgarians in Bulgaria. 

16. We Macedonian Bulgarians (Macedonians) like Bulgarian state as our own.

17. The Serbs are much inferior than we are

We demand freedom for all of us and not to be material for assimilation experiments of the Serbs, which stand much inferior from us  in spiritual narrow-mindedness and chauvinism. 

18. The Serbs come to the idea of the Macedonian nationality.

The Serbs develop the concept for special Macedonian Nation, which they put in the south Macedonia. They declare north Macedonia as a pure Serbian land. Middle Macedonia as a transition between Serbian and Macedonian language.

19. The population of Skopje is pure Bulgarian.

Bulgaria make a big error when recognize the territory for "neutral". It is pure Bulgarian and the population in Skopje and surrounding area is pure Bulgarian.

20. Why the Serbs want Macedonia? What Serbian you can find in this pure Bulgarian land, which is since 6 century till today Bulgarian, despite of all vicissitude of the historical destiny.

21. Serbian-Greek attempt on the Bulgarians in Macedonia.

Because of the treaty between Serbia and Greece Bulgaria was robed and  2 Millions Bulgarians where conquered from Serbia and Greece. Yes! To many damage did the Serbs on Bulgaria, Macedonia and Dobrudja and with this they do not stop! They filled that their vicious work will be discovered and to be prosecuted by the Slavic consciousness because of the freedom of 1/3 of Bulgarians - the Bulgarians in Macedonia. 

22. The lies about Bulgarian and Bulgaria.

Restoration of the human rights of the Bulgarians in Macedonia and Dobrudja, despite of the lies spread for Bulgaria and Bulgarians! Who is against Great Bulgaria, he is against the Slavs!

23. Krali Marko songs in Macedonia are from Bulgarian origin.

The songs of Krali Marko in Macedonia are from Bulgarian origin and speak for the Bulgarian influence over the Serbs and not the opposite.

24. The Serbs will coarse many wars, if the "Dushan empire" will not disappear.

In the last quarter of the XIX century the Serbs start to dream to restore this abandon from Serbs it selves empire. With intrigues and and allies they conquer big part of Bulgarian Macedonia. But this Serbian advantages of 1912 coarse the war in 1913 and they coarse the war in 1915-1918 and will coarse many more wars, unless "Dushan empire" get liquidate in the same way as in XIV century on the principal of the self-determination of the nations.

25. Serbs falsify the history.

In Bulgaria Macedonians have all personal rights, freedom of expression and self-determination in Bulgaria. The Serbs try to destroy the soul of the Macedonians and for that reason the falsify the hole history. In this Serbian logic and Serbian fillings there are something abnormal, which is prove of the failure of the Serbian state. They are afraid from the Macedonians in Macedonia and also this living outside.

26. The Macedonian population is against Serbs.

You  have to know that because your Serbian politics against Macedonians you have against you all past present and future  Balkan governments and the Macedonian population.

27. The Bulgarians are our fellow citizens.

The European recognize that only independent sate will put an end of the competition conquer and hegemony on the Balkan. An will end once forever violence of the new conquer. And everlasting peace on the Balkan and in Europe will rise. Greece and Serbia will  loose territorially and les Bulgaria and will win all Macedonians. 

28. The Serbs forbid us to celebrate all Bulgarian holidays.

We are forced to celebrate St. Sava and forbid to celebrate St. Cyril and St. Methodius and Ilinden Uprising.

29. Our souls are in Bulgaria.

Serbia conquer the land and the body of Macedonians, the souls are in Bulgaria and with Bulgaria.

30. Krste Petkov Misirkov define himself as a Bulgarian.

1897 I was accepted in Petersburg University in Russia and five years I was Bulgarian student community as Bulgarian.

31. Self appreciation of the statement in the book "On Macedonian matters"

The readers of this article  will be very surprised of the big controversy opinion, which they will meet here in comparison with the article "On Macedonian matters". To understand this contradiction I will remember you, that I wrote as an improvised politicians.  

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