You are the judge! Original Document from 1868 showing one and the same language Bulgarian or Macedonian? Of coarse Bulgarian!

Kuzman Shapkarev was a famous ethnologist, born on February 1 1834 in Ochrid. He was a close friend of Dimitar Miladinov and his son-in-law (married to his daughter Elisaveta). Below is what he thought on the Bulgarian and Macedonian Language.Even now, 130 years later, there is nothing to be added to it!


                                                         Kuzman Shapkarev

 Bulgarian folks songs   by

  Konstantin Miladinov   and                                     Dimitar Miladinov

Bukvar  1792                                                                          Povest  1814


NEWThe Ten Lies of the Macedonism. Десетте Лаги на Македонизмот проф. Божидар Димитров  2004 Part 1

Branko Crvenkovski is the moral killer of President Trajkovski and independent Macedonia

Under the Leadership of Branko Crvenkovski Macedonia turn to Belgrade's Colony

Branko Crvenkovski is the worse choice for Macedonian President

Greece continues to be one of the few countries within the European Union (EU) that has consistently brought criminal defamation suits against journalists.

Greece admitted the wrong policy towards Macedonians. First step in the right direction. 60,000 Ethnic Macedonian refugees to return home to Greece after more than 55 years. Greece promise to return possession and to compensate the Macedonians.

Macedonia and Bulgaria selebrating 100 years Ilinden Uprising together. A remarkable development in the bilateral relations.


Cyril and Methodius - European Saint Patron

Cyril and Methodius and the Hypocrisy of the Catholic Church

Българите в Югославия си търсят загубените права от Европа. The Bulgarians in Yugoslavia demanding restoration of their rights from European Union.

From a strictly linguistic point of view Macedonian can be called a Bulgarian dialect, as structurally it is most similar to Bulgarian Language 

The Letters, which Cyrill and Methodius created



Greece: Misconduct in the shadow of impunity

Who create the Macedonian language and why?

Ethnic Statistic in Macedonia without Greek Falsification 

90 Years Greek Ethnic Cleansing of Bulgarians in Aegean Macedonia

Democracy in Yugoslavia Democracy in the Balkan mean oppression. Especially when you conquer foreign Bulgarian land and decide to keep it.

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