The Bulgarians has always regarded the boundaries of San Stefano as more or less adequately defining the rightful limit of their race.

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Macedonia in the National Geographic Magazine November 1912

ngeoNov1912.jpg (42002 bytes)The Races and Religions of Macedonia

The Article describes the Races and the people living in Macedonia right before the country was divided by hungry for expansion neighbors - Greece and Serbia. There is no trace of a Macedonian Nation, because such a "Nation" did not exist until 1944. But the Republic of Macedonia claims to be a direct descendent of Alexander the Great. Now we can see how foolish this claim is, as well as the entire artificial nation created by a decree from the Serbs and the Comintern in 1944.

The conclusions are similar to those in the Article "The Eastern - Macedonian Question" in the London Times 1903 by Arthur John Evans the great expert on the Balkan.

There are 3 nationalities in Macedonia - Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish. But No Macedonians, because Macedonia is a geographical term. " We may find characteristically Greek types, Bulgarian types and Turkish types."

On page 1121 is written the truth, which upsets the Greeks:

"The Greeks never succeed in wholly to Hellenizing Macedonia, their settlements being limited to the coast towns." Greek population is no greater than 300 000, but the Bulgarians reach 1.5 Millions.

"The Bulgarians of Macedonia are Truthful and Practical. They are very hard working, very energetic, and of great staying power. They are silent unexpansive, but they have one great merit, rare, unfortunately among the people of South-eastern Europe - they are truthful."

"The Bulgarians has always regarded the boundaries of San Stefano as more or less adequately defining the rightful limit of their race."

"This virile, laborious, thrifty and persevering race has displayed many qualities which entitle it to play an important part in the future history of southeastern Europe. During the thirty years of its troubled existence the young Bulgarian State has made almost phenomenal progress. Education has advanced rapidly; public works have been instituted on a large scale; the country has been covered with a network of railways; wealth has undoubtedly increased and order has been maintained, often in circumstances of great difficulty. The military organization receives high praise from foreign experts. Notwithstanding the recent economic crisis, the financial situation compares favorably with that of the sister States, inasmuch as the national debt is proportionally small. The Bulgarians indeed have worked wonders..."
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With special gratitude to Bugarash and Elijah for the highly appreciated contribution.

Monuments and treasure from Macedonia proves once again Macedonia is Bulgarian land, despite of the unjust destiny to be occupied by the neighbors.

The Rise of Bulgaria The National Geographic Magazine 1912

Solun,Thessaloniki, ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ, Salonika

1910 Census- Instructions to Enumerators:"137. Do not write "Macedonian," but write Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek, Servian, or Roumanian, as the case may be."

The Ten Lies of the Macedonism. Десетте Лаги на Македонизмот проф. Божидар Димитров  2004 Part 1

Greece in an Unworthy EU Member - Denmark 1999

Branko Crvenkovski is the moral killer of President Trajkovski and independent Macedonia

Under the Leadership of Branko Crvenkovski Macedonia turn to Belgrade's Colony

Macedonian or Bulgarian Language? You are the judge!


Historic Visit of Pope John Paul II in Bulgaria 23.05-27.05.2002 

UN violate the Charter admitting Macedonia to United Nations

Greece admitted the wrong policy towards Macedonians. First step in the right direction. 60,000 Ethnic Macedonian refugees to return home to Greece after more than 55 years. Greece promise to return possession and to compensate the Macedonians. This prove that Macedonia is not Greek and Greece should end the unjust Occupation of Macedonia.


Greece: Misconduct in the shadow of impunity

Greece -  Greece continues to be one of the few countries within the European Union (EU) that has consistently brought criminal defamation suits against journalists.

After two years of intense negotiations, Greece stood on the verge of fulfilling the Megali Idea. The 1919 Treaty of Neuilly had awarded Bulgarian territory in western Thrace and Macedonia to Greece.

Greece  Violate Human Rights in Macedonia in Greek Language 

Greece's Racial Profiling of Ethnic Macedonians

Bulgarian Human Rights in Macedonia in Greek Language

The Crazy Megale Idea do not justify further occupation of Macedonia by the Greeks 

The Macedonian Question - Sir Arthur J. Evans 1903-Inhabitants of Macedonia are Bulgar, but Greek claim is a dream - unrealistic.

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The Bulgarian Exarchate

Ethnicity in Macedonia without Greek falsification

90 Years Greek Ethnic Cleansing of Bulgarians in Aegean Macedonia

Crisis in Macedonia-Statement from MSI

Democracy in Yugoslavia Democracy in the Balkan mean oppression. Especially when you conquer foreign Bulgarian land and decide to keep it.

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