Greece attempt even Genocide of Macedonian Children to turn Macedonia Hellenic. Despite of this cruelty Macedonia remain Bulgarian origin, custom, language, history. Greek has only the unjust occupation.

Genocide of Macedonian Children

My personal acquaintance Christo Lagadinov sent us from USA a letter which had been published also in the "Macedonian tribune" newspaper published in Fort Wayhe town, No. 3157 from November 4, 1993. In this letter this suffered and hero Bulgarian writes ,,In 1948 I and five fellows were in the most awful camp in Macronisio island. We had been used as brick-setters in the kitchen on the port.
One early morning a small ship arrived from which 50 boys between 13 and 17 were forced off. Everybody brought a basket or a bag with his old clothes. The camp commandant - the bloodsucker colonel Toma Silu started his speech: We brought you here for re-educating. You are children of Mother Hellene and everybody must sign a declaration that he is not ,,Bulgarico guriny" (Bulgarian swine) but is a proud Orthodox Greek". As if by miracle all children answered in chorus ,,We are Bulgarian". The commandant tried more time again promising liberty and good meal but all children struck up again �We are Bulgarian". Then the commandant started crying like mad: "0li sti talassa" (Everybody into the sea). They were thrown stones at. Half an hour later the commandant ordered them to come out but not all, children came out some of them were drowned. Still the same night the children had been put to terrible tortures. This went on for 10 more days, then they went on board half-dead to be moved to a hospital in Athens. Before that the children had taken down different sharp objects like forks, knives, etc. in order to kill themselves. These children were from the Kostour region.
The Greek Sites speak about 
nothing was voluntary but forceful  next picture speak for themselves Greek army burn this city Kukush and erase from the map:
Thessaloniki was  Solun before Greek occupation
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Greece Steal Bulgarian-Macedonian History and Culture and is again Unworthy EU Member

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