Open letter to Mr. Sergey Stanishev Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

We request to stop the double standard politics towards FYRO Macedonia. Please tell the truth open and undistorted, that the population of Macedonia is Bulgarian and not Macedonian. Declare that Macedonia is geographic term and not nation and language. All this lies (Macedonian nation come from Alexander the Great) produced by Serbia and Communistic International (Komintern) have to be disclosed before the entrance in the European Community. This requires Europe to be strait forward and correct. Otherwise we will be unworthy EU member. Please fill free to step down if you are unable to follow the expectation of the Bulgarian people, which are reflected in the comments of the Article on the bottom of this letter. 99% of the Bulgarians ask you to be honest und truthful.

We the Bulgarians intend to initiate Referendum for the accession into the EU.

We do not want to enter into Europe, which not change in the last 130 years. Let remind you what happened on Berlin Congress in 1878. The Bulgarians where denied national unity. From the land populated with Bulgarians only ¼ was allowed to live together. See the map on the left. In green the land populated by Bulgarians. On the right in blue line what’s remain 1/4 free and the rest again under the Turkish yoke.

Does Europe today change her opinion. The answer is NO!

From the land question in Referendum by Turkish authority in 1870 70% was populated by Bulgarians Europe cut to ¼ (because of suspicions to be Russian influence zone):

How change Europe today:

  1. They exercise critics to us for restoring the Bulgarian Citizenship of Bulgarians from Macedonia.
  2. They force us to close 2 reactors from the power plant Kosloduy, despite of the fact that they do not present any treat to Bulgaria or Europe. Bulgaria will be exposed to energy shortage or energy crisis. This relation toward Bulgaria is unjustified and will make the transition in EU very difficult when not impossible. Bulgaria’s Kosloduy plant has six operating reactors that provide 42 percent of the nation’s electricity.
  3. EU and NATO was pressuring Bulgaria in 1999 to accept the Macedonian language as separate language and not as a dialect of the Bulgarian language, what in reality is. This politics was also unacceptable.
  4. They accept the Bulgarians in Greece to be called Pomaken, Slavophnen Greeks, but not only this what they really are – Bulgarians. To be accepted as minority with all rights in the community!
  5. In FYRO Macedonia is still intact the Serbian Suppression Secret Service UTBA. EU and NATO negotiate with a land without basic requirements for democracy. In Bulgaria after democratization in 1989 all suppression authorities was suspended and punished (6-th part of MWR). Why EU and NATO are negotiating with FYRO Macedonia with serious lack of democratization is not understandable.
  6. FYRO Macedonia constantly violate the human rights of the citizen in Macedonia and convict innocent citizen for fictional accusations. Do not arrest the real violators of the public peace in 2000 during the meeting of the organization Radko. See the recent imprisonments of Jovan Stojanovski and Alexander Markovski. on 13.06.2006 and the protest letter from Members of the Bulgarian parliament in PDF file – the link on the bottom. This prove that Macedonia should not be allowed to negotiate accession to EU and NATO, as long the basic human rights are violated in this terrible way.